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: Zhongji : Middle Pole

Ren-3 : Extraordinary Conception Vessel 3

Front Mu of the Bladder
Master Tung's Bowel Nest Twenty-Three
Meeting point for all leg Yin Sinew Meridians (Yuen, 2003, The Sinew Meridians: NESA).

Meeting of Conception Vessel with Spleen, Liver, Kidney, Bladder Divergent, Kidney Divergent, Gall Bladder Divergent and Liver Divergent

On the midline of the lower abdomen, 4 cun inferior to the umbilicus and 1 cun superior to the pubic symphysis.

Perpendicular insertion 0.5 - 1 cun

Deep insertion will penetrate a full bladder which should therefore be emptied before treatment. No deep needling in pregnancy, or perpendicular needling in advanced pregnancy.

TCM Actions:
Benefits the bladder, regulates qi transformation and drains damp-heat
Drains dampness and treats leucorrhoea
Benefits the uterus adn regulates menstruation
Dispels stagnation and benefits the lower jiao
Fortifies the kidneys

TCM Indications:
  • Severe pain of the lower abdomen with retention of urine (in pregnancy), frequent urination, dark urination, urethral pain, the five types of painful urinary dysfunction, oedema.
  • Genital itching with heat sensation, pain of the genitals, red and white leucorrhoea, seminal emission, seminal emission with dreams.
  • Pain and swelling of the child gate (cervix), infertility, irregular menstruation, amenorrhoea, menorrhagia, uterine prolapse, abdominal (zheng jia) masses, retention of the placenta, retention of lochia, persistent flow of lochia.
  • Masses below the umbilicus, severe twisting pain below the umbilicus, the seven kinds of shan disorder, cold sensation of the abdomen, sudden severe pain of the lower abdomen and back.
  • Accumulation of cold qi rising to invade the Heart, running piglet qi rising to the Heart causing inability to breathe.
  • Lumbar pain, deficiency of yang qi, lower origin (yuan) deficient, loss of consciousness, hunger with inability to eat.

    Superficial Innervation: Ilioinguinal nerve (L1)
    Dermatome Segment: S4

    Important point for the genitourinary system.


    In Tung lineage acupuncture the Bowel Nest 23 (Fu Chao Er Shi San) are a group of points located in a line at 1 cun intervals between Ren-2 and Ren-10. An additional eight points on either side form a 4x5 grid at the levels of Ren-9 to Ren-5, also at 1 cun intervals. Ren-8, on the navel, is not included.

    They are pricked using Tung's method in local disorders of pain, stagnation and heat in the abdomen such as uteritis, nephritis, umbilical area pain, enteritis, appendicitis and intestinal cancers (McCann, 2014, Pricking the Vessels).


    In Tibetan medicine:
    Moxa point (AMNH, Tibetan Medical Paintings)


    The Front Mu points make likely locations for application of leeches to reduce fevers according to François Broussais' (1772–1838) philosophy who believed in placing them over the diseased organs to reduce inflammation (Greenstone, 2010, The history of bloodletting, BCMJ, Vol. 52, No. 1, Pp 12-14).

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