Acupuncture Points Notebook

Location Guides:

: Sanjian : Third Space

LI-3 : Hand Yangming Large Intestine 3

Shu-Stream and Wood point

On the radial side of the index finger, in the substantial depression proximal to the head of the second metacarpal bone

Perpendicular insertion 0.5 - 2 cun, directed towards Houxi SI-3, or transverse insertion to Hegu LI-4 as part of "Jian Xi to Gu Needling".

TCM Actions:
Expels wind and heat
Clears heat and benefits the throat and teeth
Dispels fullness and treats diarrhoea

TCM Indications:
  • Throat painful obstruction, obstruction of the throat, toothache of the lower jaw, pain from decaying teeth, tongue thrusting, acute eye pain, dry scorched lips and mouth, nosebleed, rhinitis, tinnitus, chills and fever.
  • Cold or damp (dong) diarrhoea, borborygmus, somnolence, injury by cold with water binding the chest and lateral costal region, fright, fullness of the chest, malaria.
  • Acute stiff neck, redness and swelling of the dorsum of the hand, difficulty in flexing and extending the fingers.

    Superficial Innervation: Superficial branch of radial nerve from C6 - C8
    Dermatome Segment: C7

    Ling Shu Ch. 19, on the Four Seasonal Qi, advises using the Shu-Stream points, unless the diseases are in the Fu organs, in which case the He-Sea points are chosen.


    In Tung acupuncture this equates to the Da Bai, Big White, point (22.04) and is often combined with Ling Gu at the other end of the bone, between the first and second metacarpals, slightly proximal to LI-4. Their location on the arm Yangming which controls Qi and Blood in the entire body together with their ability to move Qi and Blood make them applicable for most diseases (Chu, 2015).

    In "Jian Xi to Gu Needling" Sanjian LI-3 and Yangxi LI-5 are needled transversely to meet at Hegu LI-4 in treatment of pain and heat in the upper body. Electro-stimulation can be applied too (Liu Yan, 2008, Diagrams of Acupuncture Manipulations, p.136).


    In ayurvedic medicine:
    Kshipra marma point
    Size: 1/2 angula (cun)
    Structure: Tendon
    Effect of Injury: Belatedly fatal (kalantarpranahar marma)
    (Harish Johari, 1996, Ayurvedic Massage, Sanatan Society; Anupama Bhattacharya, n.d. Marma Shastra)

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