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Zhu Ling Tang

Polyporus Decoction

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Source: Comprehensive Recording of Sagely Beneficence from the Zhenghe Era (1117)
Author: Song Imperial Court

Category: Formulas that Expel Dampness

Pattern: Dampness in the Lower Jiao

Key Symptoms: Urinary obstruction with pain and rigidity in the area below the umbilicus

Zhu Ling 3g
Sang Bai Pi 3g
Mu Tong 3g
Deng Xin Cao 2-3g

In the UK Mu Tong must be substituted for Qu Mai.

Preparation: The first three ingredients are ground into powder and taken as a draft with 2-3g of Deng Xin Cao.

Actions: Drains and leaches out Damp in the Lower Jiao

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