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Zhen Gan Xi Feng Tang

Sedate the Liver and Extinguish Wind Decoction

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Source: Essays on Medicine Esteeming the Chinese and Respecting the Western (1918-1934)
Author: Zang Xi Chun / Shou Fu

Category: Formulas that Expel Wind

Pattern: Liver and Kidney Yin deficiency with ascendant Liver Yang

Key Symptoms: Frequent feelings of dizziness or vertigo, tinnitus, headache, irritability, flushed face (as if intoxicated), sudden loss of consciousness
Secondary Symptoms: Feverish sensation in the head, a feeling of distention in the eyes, frequent belching, progressive motor dysfunction of the body or facial asymmetry that occurs over a period of a few hours to a few days, mental confusion with moments of clarity, inability to recover after loss of consciousness

Tongue: Red body with thin, dry coating
Pulse: Wiry, forceful and long extending to the thenar eminence, or excessive above and deficient below
Abdomen: Palpable muscle tension extending from the left ribcage towards the umbilicus, lax muscle tone in lower abdomen close to the pelvic bones

Niu Xi 30g
Dai Zhe Shi 30g
Long Gu 15g
Mu Li 15g
Gui Ban 15g
Xuan Shen 15g
Tian Men Dong 15g
Bai Shao 15g
Yin Chen Hao 6g
Chuan Lian Zi 6g
Mai Ya 6g
Gan Cao 4.5g

Four of the of first five ingredients must be substituted to use this formula in the UK. Based on the University of Westminster's suggestions:
Dai Zhe Shi == Xia Ku Cao + Zhu Ru
Long Gu == Bai Shao + Wu Wei Zi
Mu Li == Xuan Shen + Bai Shao + Wu Wei Zi or Tian Ma
Gui Ban == Han Lian Cao + Nu Zhen Zi

Preparation: Decoction.

Actions: Sedates the Liver, Extinguishes Wind, nourishes the Yin, anchors the Yang

Contraindications: Hypertension due to Qi or Yang deficiency, Wind-Cold fettering the exterior, Yin excess

If Heat is severe add Huang Qin, Xia Ku Cao and Zhi Zi.

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