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Xiao Yu Gao

Minor Stasis Ointment

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Source: Complete External Therapies of Chinese Drugs
Author: Xu Xiangcai

Category: Formulas that are Applied Externally

Pattern: Joint sprain causing Blood stasis, Heat and swelling

Key Symptoms: Local swelling, subcutaneous haemorrhage, pain aggravated when the joint is moved in the adverse direction.

Da Huang 1pt
Zhi Zi 2pt
Mu Gua 4pt
Pu Gong Ying 4pt
Jiang Huang 4pt
Huang Bai 6pt

Preparation: Grind all the ingredients into a fine powder and mix with equal amounts of water and honey to form a paste. Spread the paste over a cloth and apply over the injured part. Change every 3 days.

Actions: Eliminate Blood stasis, clear Heat and subdue swelling

Contraindications: Cold type joint pain. Since it is not cooked this should not be applied to open wounds without modifying the preparation process.

This is really a variation of San Huang San with Huang Qin changed for Jiang Huang and Zhi Zi, Pu Gong Ying and Mu Gua added so any sort of poultice medium will suffice.

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