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Xiao Xu Ming Tang

Minor Extend Life Decoction

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Source: Formulas with Short Articles (Jin Dynasty, 4th Century)

Category: Formulas that Expel Wind

Pattern: Invasion by Wind-Cold

Key Symptoms: Hemiplegia, facial asymmetry, slow and slurred speech, in severe cases loss of consciousness
Secondary Symptoms: Fever and chills

Tongue: Pale with white coat
Pulse: Deficient, floating

Ma Huang 3-6g
Chuan Xiong 3-6g
Han Fang Ji 6-12g
Xing Ren 9-12g
Fang Feng 9-12g
Ren Shen 3-6g
Zhi Fu Zi 9-15g
Rou Gui 3-6g
Shao Yao 6-12g
Huang Qin 4.5-9g
Gan Cao 3-6g
Sheng Jiang 9-12sl

In the UK several substitutions are necessary. Some suggestions are:
Han Fang Ji == Yi Yi Ren and Hai Tong Pi
Fu Zi == Gan Jiang + Xian Mao

Preparation: Decoction.

Actions: Warms the Channels, unblocks the Yang Qi, dispels Wind, supports the normal Qi

Contraindications: Wind-stroke due to internal stirring of Liver Wind or Hot painful obstruction

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