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Pill for Restoring Sound to a Broken Flute

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Source: Straight Directions from Ren-Zhai (1264)
Author: Yang Shi-Ying / Ren-Zhai

Category: Formulas that Dispel Phlegm

Pattern: Overuse of the vocal chords leading Heat, swelling and stagnation in the throat. Wind may also take advantage and invade.

Key Symptoms: Irritated sore throat and loss of voice

Lian Qiao 94g
Jie Geng 94g
Chuan Xiong 56g
Sha Ren 56g
He Zi 37g (stir fried)
Bai Yao Jian 75g
Bo He 94g
Da Huang 37g
Gan Cao 94g

Bai Yao Jian is a multiherb concoction containing Wu Bei Zi, tea and other ingredients. It is hard to obtain and usually replaced with Er Cha in prepared versions in Japan and Taiwan. In the UK it has to be replaced due to the prohibition on animal products which applies to Wu Bei Zi, being the product of an insect's interaction with a Chinese Sumac tree.

Preparation: Originally ground into powder and mixed with egg white and formed into pulls the size of a large marble. One pill is dissolved in the mouth before bedtime. At present honey is more commonly used than egg white.

Actions: Clears Heat, cools the throat, dispels Phlegm, disperses accumulations

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