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Wei Rui Tang

Solomon's Seal Decoction

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Source: Important Formulas Worth a Thousand Gold Pieces (650)
Author: Sun Si-Miao

Category: Formulas that Release the Exterior

Pattern: Retained Warm Pathogen Wind Disease (Wen Feng Zhi Bing) lurking in the Blood due to Yin deficiency.

Key Symptoms: Sweating, a sensation of heaviness in the body, wheezing, a sullen demeanour, no desire to sleep

Pulse: Floating in proximal and distal postitions

Yu Zhu 60g
Bai Wei 60g
Ma Huang 60g
Cong Bai 60g
Du Huo 60g
Xing Ren 60g
Chuan Xiong 60g
Gan Cao 60g
Qing Mu Xiang 60g
Shi Gao 90g

In the UK a few substitutions must be made:
Ma Huang == Max. 1.8g Ma Huang per day + Jing Jie + Fang Feng + Zi Su Ye
Qing Mu Xiang == Jiu Bi Ying or Qing Pi + Zhi Zi
Shi Gao == Zhi Mu is not perfect but may suffice here

Preparation: Originally ground into a course powder and taken as a draft three times per day. Today it is often taken as a decoction with an appropriate reduction in dosage.

Actions: Scatters Wind, releases the Exterior, clears Heat, nourishes Yin

Due to the warm, acrid ingredients this is not considered by many Wen Bing authors to be a true Warm Pathogen disease but rather a Cold pathogen that invades during the Winter and is able to lurk in the Blood due to Yin deficiency. When Spring comes the rising Yang Qi reawakens and starts to battle the pathogen to cause an acute illness.

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