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Shen Su Yin

Ginseng and Perilla Drink

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Source: Formulary of the Pharmacy Service for Benefiting the People of the Taiping Era (1107)
Author: Imperial Medical Bureau

Category: Formulas that Release the Exterior

Pattern: Wind-Cold with thin mucus and weak constitution

Key Symptoms: Fever and chills, headache, nasal obstruction, productive cough, stifling sensation in the chest

Tongue: White coating
Pulse: Weak

Ren Shen 9g
Zi Su Ye 9g
Ge Gen 9g
Ban Xia 9g (ginger processed)
Qian Hu 9g
Fu Ling 9g
Mu Xiang 6g
Zhi Ke 6g (wheat fried)
Jie Geng 6g
Zhi Gan Cao 6g
Sheng Jiang 3sl
Da Zao 3pcs

Preparation: Decoction.

Actions: Augments the Qi, releases the Exterior, harmonises the Stomach, transforms Phlegm

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