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Ren Shen Huang Qi San

Ginseng and Astragalus Powder

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Source: Precious Mirror of Health (Yuan Dynasty)
Author: Luo Tian-Yi

Category: Formulas that Clear Heat

Pattern: Yin, Qi and Blood deficiency with lurking Heat leading to Steaming Bone Disorder and Deficiency Consumption (Xu Lao) affecting the Lungs and Spleen.

Key Symptoms: Lethargy, generalised weakness, coughing, scanty sputum, dry throat, spontaneous sweating, reduced appetite, afternoon fever

Tongue: Pale with dark-red tip
Pulse: Deficient but rapid

Ren Shen 3g
Huang Qi 10.5g
Qin Jiao 6g
Fu Ling 6g
Zhi Mu 7.5g
Sang Bai Pi 4.5g
Jie Geng 3g
Zi Wan 4.5g
Chai Hu 7.5g
Di Gu Pi 6g
Sheng Di Huang 6g
Zhi Ban Xia 4.5g
Chi Shao 4.5g
Tian Men Dong 9g
Zhi Bie Jia 9g
Zhi Gan Cao 4.5g

In the UK Bie Jia must be substituted. The standard substitutions are Sheng Di Huang and Qing Hao so the dosage of Sheng Di can be increased and Qing Hao added.
Zi Wan also needs to be substituted due to potential high levels of hepatotoxic pyrrolizidine alkaloids. Increasing the dosages of cough and phlegm clearing herbs like Jie Geng or adding Chuan Bei Mu may suffice.

Preparation: Ground into powder and taken in 9g doses as a draft twice per day on an empty stomach. May also be prepared as a decoction with the dosages above.

Actions: Enriches the Yin, cleras Heat, augments the Qi, strengthens the Spleen, stops coughing and transforms Phlegm

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