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Qing Dai Tang

Clear Discharge Decoction

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Source: Essays on Medicine Esteeming the Chinese and Respecting the Western (1918-1934)
Author: Zang Xi Chun / Shou Fu

Category: Formulas that Stabilise and Bind

Pattern: Vaginal discharge due to Spleen deficiency and Blood stasis

Key Symptoms: Profuse thin, clear or red and continual vaginal discharge
Secondary Symptoms: Soreness and weakness of the lower back, pale complexion

Tongue: Pale with a white coating
Pulse: Submerged and thin

Shan Yao 30g
Long Gu 18g
Mu Li 18g
Hai Piao Xiao 12g
Qian Cao Gen 9g

In the UK some ingredients have to be substituted:
Long Gu + Mu Li == Bai Shao + Wu Wei Zi + Xuan Shen
Hai Piao Xiao == Tu Su Zi + Qian Shi

Preparation: Decoction.

Actions: Strengthens the Spleen, binds up and stops vaginal discharge

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