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Qin Jiao Bie Jia San

Large Gentian and Soft-Shelled Turtle Powder

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Source: Precious Mirror of Health (Yuan Dynasty)
Author: Luo Tian-Yi

Category: Formulas that Clear Heat

Pattern: Wind Consumption (Feng Lao) due to improper treatment of external disorder in a patient with Yin deficiency sending the pathogen internally.

Key Symptoms: Night sweats, emaciation, red lips and cheeks, afternoon fevers, coughing with sticky yellow or blood stained sputum, five palm heat, steaming bone disorder, exhaustion

Tongue: Red with little coating
Pulse: Faint and rapid

Chai Hu 30g
Zhi Bie Jia 30g
Di Gu Pi 30g
Qin Jiao 15g
Dang Gui 15g
Zhi Mu 15g

In the UK Bie Jia must be substituted with Sheng Di Huang and Qing Hao.

Preparation: Ground into a coarse powder and taken in 15g doses with five leaves of Qing Hao and one piece of Wu Mei. It may also be prepared as a decoction with a reduction in dosage.

Actions: Enriches the Yin, nourishes the Blood, clears Heat, alleviates Steaming Bone Disorder

Contraindications: Wind obstructing the Exterior or severe Yin deficiency due to the acridity of the constituents.

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