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Herb Formulas Notebook

Mu Xiang Ren Shen Gan Jiang Zhi Zhu Wan

Auklandia, Ginseng, Fresh Ginger, Unripe Bitter Orange and Atractylodes Pill

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Source: Discussion of the Spleen and Stomach (13th Century)
Author: Li Gao / Dong-Yuan

Category: Formulas that Reduce Food Stagnation

Pattern: Reduced food intake due to Stomach Deficiency and Food Stagnation

Key Symptoms: Loss of appetite, focal distention in the epigastrium and abdomen

Tongue: White coating
Pulse: Deficient

Gan Jiang 4g
Sheng Jiang 4g
Mu Xiang 9g
Ren Shen 10.5g
Chen Pi 12g
Bai Zhu 45g
Zhi Shi 30g

Preparation: Grind the ingredients into a powder and form into pills with rice fried in He Ye (lotus leaf). Take 6-9g with warm water before meals. Many formulations omit the fried rice. Can also be prepared as a decoction with an appropriate reduction of dosages.

Actions: Opens the Stomach and increases food intake

Contraindications: Caution should be taken not to overeat on this formula if it stimulates the appetite too much.

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