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Ji Ming San

Powder to take at Cock's Crow

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Source: Effective Medical Formulas Arranged by Category by Master Zhu (1266)

Category: Formulas that Expel Dampness

Pattern: Damp Leg Qi from Damp-Cold settling in the legs and feet

Key Symptoms: Feet and calves that are heavy and weak resulting in difficulty walking, numbness cold or pain in the feet or calves, stifling sensation in the chest or upper abdomen
Secondary Symptoms: Spasms, upsurging of Qi from the abdomen to the chest, nausea, oozing skin lesions in the lower extremities

Tongue: White, moist coating
Pulse: Deep and soft, deep and tense

Bing Lang 12g
Mu Gua 15g
Wu Zhu Yu 6g
Chen Pi 15g
Zi Su Ye 9g
Jie Geng 9g
Sheng Jiang 6sl

In the UK Bing Lang must be substituted with Zhi Shi and Yu Li Ren.

Preparation: Decoction.

Actions: Promotes the movement of Qi, directs Turbidity downwards, dissipates and transforms Damp-Cold

Contraindications: Long term use, Leg Qi due to Dryness, pregnancy

Fiercely attacks a strong pathogen. It should be taken in two doses before breakfast and induce a dark, soft stool.

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