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Hua Tan Xiao He Wan

Transform Phlegm and Reduce Nodules Pill

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Source: Treatment Strategies and Formulas in Chinese Medicine (1975)
Author: Ai Ru-Di

Category: Formulas that Dispel Phlegm

Pattern: Phlegm nodules due to impaired Spleen transportation

Key Symptoms: Soft, rubbery nodules without change in the colour of the skin or ulceration.

Huang Qi 40g
Ji Xue Teng 24g
Bai Jie Zi 15g
Fu Ling 15g
Zhi Ban Xia 12g
Chen Pi 10g
Wu Yao 15g
Xiang Fu 10g
Shan Ci Gu 10g
Hai Zao 15g
Kun Bu 15g
Gan Cao 3g

Shan Ci Gu may be hard to obtain in the UK. Zhe Bei Mu could make a suitable substitution that combines with Hai Zao and Kun Bu in Hai Zao Yu Hu Tang for a similar effect.
This formula also ignores the traditional indication of combining Hai Zao with Gan Cao. This may be taken as an indication that this contraindication is no longer valid, or Gan Cao can be removed.

Preparation: Grind the herbs into powder and make into large 10g pills with honey. Take three pills daily. Can also be made as a decoction.

Actions: Supports the Qi, strenghtens the Spleen, transforms Phlegm, disperses clumping

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