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Gu Sui Bu Jiu

Mend Broken Bone Wine

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Source: Chinese Medicinal Wines and Elixirs (2008)
Author: Various

Category: Formulas that Regulate Blood

Pattern: Injuries of the Sinews and broken bones

Key Symptoms: Pain from trauma including broken bones.

Gu Sui Bu 70g
Bai Jiu 650ml

Bai Jiu (white alcohol) traditionally means distilled rice wine but can be substituted with any clear 40% spirit.

Preparation: Soak the herb in 650ml of alcohol for 7 days. Take 30ml twice daily.

Actions: Connects the bones and mends the sinews.

Contraindications: Pregnancy, Damp-Heat conditions and long term use due to the harmful effects on continuous alcohol consumption.

Flaws' original recipe calls for 720g of herb in 650ml of alcohol which seems as if it will not be enough to rehydrate the dried herb, much less get any infusion so I have reduced it to what seems like a sensible amount by reducing it to one tenth of the stated amount.

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