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Dian Dao San

Upside-Down Powder

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Source: Complete External Therapies of Chinese Drugs
Author: Xu Xiangcai

Category: Formulas that are Applied Externally

Pattern: Acne due to Wind-Heat, Blood Heat, Toxic Heat or Blood stasis

Key Symptoms: Fen Ci (White Horns), the Chinese term for acne as a description of the raised white heads.

Da Huang 7.5g
Liu Huang 7.5g

Although Liu Huang (Sulphur) is not allowed for internal consumption, mineral products can be used in external formulas.

Preparation: Grind into a fine powder and either apply directly onto the area, or mix with 100ml of lime water and use as a wash 3-4 times daily.

Actions: Clears Heat, cools Blood

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