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Cong Huang San

Scallion and Rhubarb Powder

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Source: Complete External Therapies of Chinese Drugs
Author: Xu Xiangcai

Category: Formulas that are Applied Externally

Pattern: Qi and Blood stagnation due to acute lumbar sprain

Key Symptoms: Swelling, severe pain and tenderness of the lumbar region and loins

Da Huang 60g
Cong Bai 5pc
Sheng Jiang

Preparation: Grind Da Huang into a powder and mix with 25ml of juice extracted from pounding Sheng Jiang. Parch the Cong Bai in a pot and wrap in a piece of white cloth, then rub the injured part with the hot Cong Bai until the skin turns red with a burning sensation and apply the 1/4 of the paste and cover with gauze or mulberry paper. Dressing is changed daily.

Actions: Move Qi, eliminate Blood stasis and alleviate pain.

I have also seen a variation of this where chunks of Sheng Jiang and Cong Bai are dry fried and wrapped in cloth, and then used as a hot compress which is alternated with Tui Na techniques.

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