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Bu Pi Wei Xie Yin Huo Sheng Yang Tang

Tonify Spleen and Stomach, Drain Yin Fire and Raise Yang Decotion

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Source: Discussion of the Spleen and Stomach (13th Century)
Author: Li Gao / Dong-Yuan

Category: Formulas that Tonify Qi

Pattern: Fire constraint and fever due to over-eating that has damaged the Stomach or exhaustion that has injured the Spleen

Key Symptoms: Skin that is burning hot to the touch, lack of physical and mental stamina and vitality, all symptoms worsen with fatigue and exertion, weak muscles and connective tissue, impaired or cloudy vision, lack of appetite

Chai Hu 45g
Zhi Gan Cao 30g
Huang Qi 30g
Cang Zhu 30g
Qiang Huo 30g
Sheng Ma 24g
Ren Shen 24g
Huang Qin 21g
Huang Lian 15g (wine fried)

A small amount of Shi Gao is advised to be added during summer but cannot be used in the UK. Zhi Mu may suffice if this advice is to be followed.

Preparation: Ground into powder and taken in 9g doses as a draft.

Actions: Tonifies the Spleen, augments the Qi, lifts the Yang, drains Fire

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