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Bei Mu Gua Lou San

Fritillaria and Trichosanthes Fruit Powder

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Source: Awakening of the Mind in Medical Studies (1732)
Author: Cheng Guo-Peng

Category: Formulas that Dispel Phlegm

Pattern: Phlegm-Dryness

Key Symptoms: Cough with deep seated sputum that is difficult to expectorate, wheezing, dry and sore throat

Tongue: Red and dry tongue with white coating
Pulse: Rapid and thin but strong or slippery

Chuan Bei Mu 4.5g
Gua Lou 3g
Tian Hua Fen 2.4g
Fu Ling 2.4g
Ju Hong 2.4g
Jie Geng 2.4g

Preparation: Decoction.

Actions: Moistens the Lungs, clears Heat, regulates the Qi, transforms Phlegm

Contraindications: Cough due to Yin deficiency

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