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Bai He Tang

Lily Bulb Decoction

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Source: Ten Lectures on the Use of Medicinals from the Personal Experience of Jiao Shu-De (2003)
Author: Jiao Shu-De

Category: Formulas that Harmonise

Pattern: Disharmony of the Middle Jiao with Cold stagnation and Stomach Qi Deficiency

Key Symptoms: Recalcitrant stomach pain

Bai He 30g
Wu Yao 9g

Preparation: Decoction

Actions: Boosts Qi, warms and harmonises the Middle Jiao.

This is an example of Jiao Shu-De using Bai He to boost Qi and Harmonise the Middle instead of its usual functions of clearing Heat and nourishing Heart and Lung Yin. It is mainly used as a base upon which to build other formulas such as San He Tang which consists of this formula plus Liang Fu Wan and Dan Shen Yin and is especially useful where Heart and Stomach pathologies may be combined or overlap.

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