Acupuncture Points Notebook

Location Guides:

: Heding : Crane's Summit

Ex-LE-2 : Extra Lower Extremity 2

In the depression at the midpoint of the superior border of the patella.

Perpendicular insertion 0.5 - 1 cun

TCM Actions:
Activates qi and blood and benefits the knee joint

TCM Indications:
  • Crane's knee wind, swelling and pain of the knee, leg qi, weakness of the knee and leg.

    Superficial Innervation: Intermediate femoral cutaneous nerve of the thigh (L2 - L3)
    Dermatome Segment: L3

    Important secondary point for treatment of the knee joint.

    Lad and Durve (2008) in Marma Points of Ayurveda locate a point called the anterior Janu in the centre of the kneecap, between this point and the two Xiyan points. They associate it with Vyana Vayu, Prana Vayu, Apana Vayu, Udana Vayu, Shleshaka Kapha, Kledaka Kapha and Avalambaka Kapha.

    They give the following functions:
    - Benefits the knees
    - Promotes circulation
    - Relieves pain locally

    Another posterior Janu is located at Weizhong Bl-40.

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