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This is a collection of news articles I have found related to Chinese medicine. There is an overwhelming fascination with acupuncture in the media so that is quite over represented but there are also stories on massage, meditation, tai chi, herbs and some of the overall concepts coming to the attention of reporters in the west. As the list has grown over time I have organised it into yearly blocks.

Since the media carries its own bias, and I believe people should make up their own minds as to whether acupuncture is right for them, I have included links to the source material, opposing articles and sometimes a very brief summary of my thoughts.

For further stories:
The BAcC list of media articles has a more comprehensive list, including copies of ones that only appeared in print.

Health CMi report on additional stories that do not find their way into the regular media, often summaries of studies published recently.


15-03-2018: Evening Standard:
The Opioid Timebomb
A special investigation on the dangers of opioid addiction. It mentions acupuncture, meditation, mindfulness, exercise, cognitive and behavioural modification and the importance of looking after overall health as alternatives to manage chronic pain, all of which are combined in a Chinese medical approach but they give no credit to this source, just that they deserve more scientific attention.

07-03-2018: Daily Mail:
NHS spends £25million on acupuncture each year despite experts saying there is 'insufficient' evidence it helps fight pain
A one sided and sensationalist take on a BMJ article. Unusually for the Mail it took a negative spin. Perhaps the editor was finally told it does not originate from England.

13-02-2018: Daily Mail:
Inmates given acupuncture... to help them sleep better
and prevent the use of smuggled narcotics like 'Spice'.

01-02-2018: Daily Mail:
Acupuncture can boost chances of getting pregnant through IVF, reveals data
Source data could not be found so can be trusted to the exact extent that you trust the Daily Mail.

24-01-2018: The Guardian:
Mixing herbal remedies and conventional drugs 'could be harmful'
Not really news as this is well known but highlights the case for herbal medicines to be statutory regulated and prescribed by professional herbalists who understand these risks.






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