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Zi Zhu Wan

Magnetite and Cinnabar Pill

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Source: Important Formulas Worth a Thousand Gold Pieces (650)
Author: Sun Si-Miao

Category: Formulas that Calm the Spirit

Pattern: Ascendant Heart Yang with lack of communication between Heart and Kidneys

Key Symptoms: Palpitations, insomnia, tinntius, diminished visual and auditory acuity.
Secondary Symptoms: Seizures

Ci Shi 60g
Zhu Sha 30g
Shen Qu 120g

Zhu Sha is no longer used and requires substitution and in the UK Ci Shi must also be substituted. Standard substitutions are:

Ci Shi == Gong Lao Ye + Hu Po
Zhu Sha == Hu Po

Preparation: Ground into powder and made into small pills with honey.

Actions: Heavily sedates and calms the Shen, weighs down the Yang, improves vision and hearing

Contraindications: Fire from Liver and Kidney, weak digestive system.

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