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Zheng Gu Shui

Rectify Bone Water

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Source: Guanxi Yulin Pharmaceuticals
Author: Chang Shanwen

Category: Formulas that are Applied Externally

Pattern: Blood stasis due to knocks and falls (Die Da)

Key Symptoms: Traumatic injuries with pain, swelling and muscle contracture, fractured or broken bones, sprained joints, tendonitis, arthritic pains, lower back pain, bone spurs and bunions

Hai Feng Teng 8.4g (Caulis Piperis kadsurae)
Xu Chang Qing 8.4g (Radix Cynanchi paniculati)
Qing Pi Shu 8.4g (Schoepfia Chinensis Gardn. et Champ.)
Bai Niu Dan 8.4g (Inula Cappa (Buch. -Ham) DC)
Chan Yi Teng 7g (Securidaca Inappendiculata Hassk.)
Song Mu Gen 7g (Aralia Armata Seem. / also called Ying Bu Pu and Ye Cong Tou)
Zhu Sha Gen 7g (Ardisia crenata Smis.)
Heng Jing Xi 7g (Calophyllum membranaceum Gardn. et Champ.)
Dou Chi Jiang 7g (Litsea cubeba (Lour.) Pers.)
Xiang Jia Pi 5.5g (Cortex Periplocae)
Bo He Nao 5.5g (Mentholum)
Zhang Nao 5.5g (Camphora)
Tu Bie Chong 4.2g (Eupolyphaga seu Steleophaga)
Zao Jiao 4.2g (Fructus Gleditsiae abnormalis)
Jiang Huang 4.2g (Rhizoma curcumae)
Ke Teng Zi 4.2g (Entada phaseoloides (L.) Merr.)
Liang Mian Zhen 4.2g (Rhizoma Zanthoxyli)
Hu Zhang 4.2g (Rhizoma Polygoni cuspidati)
Qian Jin Ba 4.2g (Fleminga Philippinensis Merr. et Rolfe)
Shi Nan Teng 4.2g (Piper Wallichii (Miq.) Hand. -Mazz.)

Most of these ingredients are hard to acquire in the UK and required some research to even find their TCM names using English sources. For this reason Latin names are given and it is suggested this page used for reference rather than formula construction. If constructing a formula it is probably better to use Die Da Jiu as a basis.

Preparation: Prepared in alcohol as a liniment. Dosages above are equal to raw weight in 100ml of extract.

Actions: Activates Blood circulation and eliminates Blood stasis, removes obstructions from the Channels and Collaterals and relieves muscular contracture, reduces swelling and alleviates pain

Contraindications: Do not put on open wounds

Some different ingredients are given on http://www.chineseherbshealing.com/zheng-gu-shui/ such as Mu Xiang, E Zhu, Sui Gu Mu, Wu Wei Teng, Mai Ma Teng, Guo Jiang Long and Zhi Cao Wu. Unfortunately, apart from the first two the rest are likely to be equally difficult to source and use in the UK.

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