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Zhen Zhu Mu Wan

Mother-of-Pearl Pill

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Source: Formulas of Universal Benefit from My Practice (1132)
Author: Xu Shu-Wei

Category: Formulas that Calm the Spirit

Pattern: Blood and Yin deficiency with ascendant Yang

Key Symptoms: Irritability, restless sleep, occasional palpitations with anxiety, dizziness

Pulse: Thin and wiry

Zhen Zhu Mu 21-30g
Long Chi 15g
Dang Gui 45g (dry fried)
Shu di Huang 45g
Ren Shen 30g
Suan Zao Ren 30g (dry fried)
Bai Zi Ren 30g
Shui Niu Jiao 30-60g
Fu Shen 15g
Chen Xiang 15g

In the UK several substitutions are necessary:

Zhen Zhu Mu == Hu Po + Fu Shen
Long Chi == Hu Po + Gou Teng
Shui Niu Jiao == Xuan Shen + Huang Lian (3:1 ratio)

Chen Xiang may also be substituted due to expense. Hou Po is the standard substitution which mimics the descending action for which it is used here.

Preparation: Decoction.

Actions: Enriches the Yin, nourishes the Blood, Sedates the Heart, calms the Liver, anchors the Yang

Contraindications: Phlegm-Dampness or Phlegm-Heat

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