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Hot Medical Compress

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Source: Spiritual Pivot
Author: Unknown but given by the character Bo Gao

Category: Formulas that are Applied Externally

Pattern: Wind-Cold Bi or Cold in the Interior

Key Symptoms: Specific symptoms given in the text are: sensations of cold and heat, shortness of breath, depression, anger and fury, pain in the stomach and numbness.
Secondary Symptoms: Any Cold symptoms. This is suggested as an alternative or an addition to moxa when treating "eminent persons".

Hua Jiao 500g
Gan Jiang 500g
Rou Gui 500g
Chun Jiu 10kg (20 Jin of Pure Wine/alcohol)

Preparation: The source texts advises to macerate the three herbs and place them in the wine. Take 500g (1 Jin) of silk fabric and 12.8m (4 zhang) of fine white cloth and submerge both in the wine also, then place the jar, closely sealed on a fire made of horse manure.
After five days and nights the cloth and fabric are removed and dried in the sun. Once dry they are placed in the wine again and the process repeated until all the liquid has been used. The dregs and the cloth are placed on top of each other in seven layers of 2m (6-7 chi).
Using charcoal of mulberry the fabric is heated and applied to the location of Cold blockage. After 30 applications the treatment ends. When the patient sweats the sweat should be wiped off with a cloth.

In a modern clinic a more convenient method using the above ingredients should probably be sought. One option is to soak the herbs in alcohol and then cook and wrap them in cloth to be applied while hot. Another would be to soak in alcohol and use a cotton ball to absorb, then apply to the area (it could also be burned like in fire cupping to warm). A small amount of chili could also be added for extra effect.

Actions: Scatters Cold, moves Qi and Blood

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