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Xie Xin Tang

Drain the Epigastrium Decoction

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Source: Essentials from the Golden Cabinet (c. 220)
Author: Zhang Ji / Zhong-Jing

Category: Formulas that Clear Heat

Pattern: Damp-Heat excess clumping in the Interior

Key Symptoms: Fever, irritability, flushed face, red eyes, dark urine, constipation
Secondary Symptoms: In severe cases delirious speech. Also for epigastric focal distention, jaundice, diarrhoea and dysentery, vomiting of blood and nosebleed, ulcers of the mouth and tongue, abscesses

Tongue: Greasy, yellow tongue coating

Da Huang 6g
Huang Lian 3g
Huang Qin 3g

Preparation: Decoction.

Actions: Drains Fire, resolves toxicity, dries Dampness

Contraindications: Spleen deficiency Cold patterns

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