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Xie Qing Wan

Drain the Green Pill

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Source: Craft of Medicines and Patterns for Children (1119)
Author: Qian Yi

Category: Formulas that Clear Heat

Pattern: Constrained Fire in the Liver channel

Key Symptoms: Red sore and swollen eyes, restlessness and irritability, dark urine, constipation
Secondary Symptoms: Tremors and convulsions

Pulse: Flooding and excessive

Dang Gui 30g
Long Dan Cao 30g
Chuan Xiong 30g
Zhi Zi 30g
Da Huang 30g
Qiang Huo 30g
Fang Feng 30g (dry fried)

Preparation: Grind equal amounts of each herb into powder and form into large pills the size of a chicken's head with honey. One half to one pill is dissolved in a decoction made from a small amount of Dan Zhu Ye and brown sugar. At present it is normally made into 6g pills with water and taken twice a day with warm water, or dissolved into the decoction above.

Actions: Clears the Liver and drains Fire

Contraindications: Weak and deficient Spleen and Stomach

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