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Xiang Bei Yang Rong Tang

Cyperus and Fritillaria Decoction to Nourish Luxuriance

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Source: Golden Mirror of the Medical Tradition (1742)
Author: Wu Qian / Liu-Ji

Category: Formulas that Tonify Qi and Blood

Pattern: Phlegm stagnation in the neck, breasts or axillae with Qi and Blood deficiency

Key Symptoms: Hard masses on the side of the neck, breasts or axillae

Bai Zhu 6g (dry fried)
Bei Mu 3g
Xiang Fu 3g
Ren Shen 3g
Fu Ling 3g
Chen Pi 3g
Shu Di Huang 3g
Chuan Xiong 3g
Dang Gui 3g
Jie Geng 1.5g
Gan Cao 1.5g
Sheng Jiang 3sl
Da Zao 2pc

Preparation: Decoction.

Actions: Tonifies the Qi, nourishes the Blood, regulates the Qi, transforms Phlegm.

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