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Wu Ren Wan

Five Seed Pill

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Source: Effective Formulas from Generations of Physicians (1345)

Category: Formulas that Drain Downward

Pattern: Constipation due to Dessicated Intestines

Key Symptoms: Constipation with dry stools that are difficult to pass

Tongue: Dry
Pulse: Thin and rough

Tao Ren 30g (dry fried)
Xing Ren 30g (dry fried)
Bai Zi Ren 15g
Song Zi Ren 3.8g
Yu Li Ren 3g (dry fried)
Chen Pi 120g

Preparation: Originally the seeds are crushed into a paste and mixed with a powder from dried Chen Pi and formed into small pills with honey. Dosage was 50 with rice gruel on an empty stomach.

At present all ingredients are ground into powder and formed into pills with honey with 12g taken with warm water on an empty stomach.

Actions: Moistens the Intestines, unblocks movement of the stools

Contraindications: Caution during pregnancy due to the Blood moving effects of Tao Ren and the laxative effect of Yu Li Ren.

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