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Tou Nong San

Discharge Pus Powder

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Source: Orthodox Lineage of External Medicine (1617)
Author: Chen Shi-Gong

Category: Formulas that Treat Abscesses and Sores

Pattern: Chronic abscesses with heads that produce pus but do not perforate due to deficiency of Zheng Qi to expel the pus

Key Symptoms: Chronic abscesses with heads that produce pus but do not readily perforate and discharge the pus
Secondary Symptoms: localised pain, swelling and heat

Huang Qi 12g
Dang Gui 6g
Chuan Xiong 9g
Chuan Shan Jia 3g
Zao Jiao Ci 4.5g

In the UK Chan Shan Jia must be substituted with Mu Dan Pi.

Preparation: Not stated but the title formula it is associated with in Scheid et al (2009) is prepared by cooking in wine or ground into powder and taken in 9g doses with yellow rice or millet wine. If alcohol is to be avoided it is taken with a decoction of Mu Xiang.

Actions: Pushes toxin outward and expels pus

Contraindications: Pregnancy due to the use of Zao Jiao Ci.

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