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Tian Ma Wan

Gastrodia Pill

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Source: Ten Lectures on Formulas from the Personal Experiences of Jiao Shu-De
Author: Zhang Jie-Gu

Category: Formulas that Expel Wind

Pattern: Liver and Kidney Yin deficiency with Empty Fire that engenders internal stirring of Wind

Key Symptoms: Tension and pain in the entire body, numbness in the hands and feet, deviated eyes and mouth, hemiplegia
Secondary Symptoms: Dizziness, tinnitus, diminished vision, forgetfulness, headache, fatigue, weak and sore lower back and knees

Tian Ma 9g
Niu Xi 9g
Bi Xie 9g
Xuan Shen 9g
Du Zhong 12g (wine fried)
Dang Gui 15g
Qiang Huo 15g
Du Huo 15g
Pao Fu Zi 1.5g
Sheng Di Huang 25g

In the UK Fu Zi has to be substituted. Rou Gui would probably be the best substitutes in this instance for its ability to draw Empty Fire back down to the Kidneys.

Preparation: Soak Tian Ma and Niu Xi in wine for 3 days and dry them over a fire, then grind all the ingredients into a fine powder and mix with honey to form small pills the size of firmiana seeds. 50-70 pills are taken at one time, or up to 100 if symptoms are serious, with warm water once per day early in the morning on an empty stomach. At present is generally prepared as a decoction using the quantities given with pre-decocted Shi Jue Ming (animal product, must be substituted with Xia Ku Cao and Zhu Ru in the UK).

Actions: Nourishes Blood, dispels Wind, supplements the Kidney, strengthens the muscles and bones

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