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Tian Ma Gou Teng Yin

Gastrodia and Uncaria Drink

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Source: Deriving New Treatments for Patterns of Miscellaneous Disorders in Chinese Internal Medicine (1958)

Category: Formulas that Expel Wind

Pattern: Ascendant Liver Yang with internal Liver Wind

Key Symptoms: Headache, dizziness, insomnia with dream disturbed sleep
Secondary Symptoms: Vertigo, tinnitus, blurred vision, sensation of heat rushing to the head, numbness, twitching and spasms in the extremities, hemiplegia

Tongue: Red body with thin yellow coat
Pulse: Wiry and rapid
Abdomen: Palpable muscle tension extending from the left ribcage towards the umbilicus

Tian Ma 9g
Gou Teng 12-15g (add near end)
Shi Jue Ming 18-24g (cook first)
Zhi Zi 9g
Huang Qin 9g
Yi Mu Cao 9-12g
Chuan Niu Xi 12g
Du Zhong 9-12g
Sang Ji Sheng 9-24g
Ye Jiao Teng 9-30g
Fu Shen 9-15g

In UK Shi Jue Ming should be substituted with Xia Ku Cao.

Preparation: Decoction.

Actions: Calms the Liver, extinguishes Wind, clears Heat, invigorates the Blood, tonifies the Liver and Kidneys

Contraindications: Liver Fire or Damp-Heat

Ploberger (2017), in Westliche und traditionell chinesische Heilkräuter, offers the following alternative using western herbs:

Folium Olivae(Olive leaf)6g(Emperor)
Herba et Radix Taraxaci(Dandelion)2g(Minister & Envoy)
Herba Alchemillae vulgaris(Lady's Mantle)5g(Minister & Envoy)
Folium Milissae(Melissa leaf)7g(Minister)
Herba Agrimonia(Agrimony)5g(Minister)
Herba Passiflorae(Passion Flower)3g(Minister)
Herba Stellaria media(Chickweed)5g(Assistant)
Fructus Cardui Mariae(Milk Thistle)7g(Assistant)
Herba Galeopsidis(Hempnettle)10g(Assistant)

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