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Qing Yu Huo Xue Tang

Clear Stasis and Quicken the Blood Decoction

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Source: Complete External Therapies of Chinese Drugs
Author: Xu Xiangcai

Category: Formulas that are Applied Externally

Pattern: Joint sprain causing Blood Stasis and swelling

Key Symptoms: Joint pain with local swelling, subcutaneous haemorrhage, pain aggravated when moving the joint in the adverse direction.

Su Mu 30g
Hong Hua 10g
Chuan Xiong 10g
Ru Xiang 10g
Mo Yao 10g
Dan Shen 15g
Wei Ling Xian 15g
Wu Jia Pi 15g

Preparation: Decocted in 1-1.5L of water in an earthenware pot for 15 minutes after the water boils and then poured into an enamel basin. While hot the affected area is steamed over the water. When it has cooled enough to not scald the injured part is washed with the decoction. This can be performed for 1-2 hours, twice per day. The same decoction can be reheated and used 4-6 times.

Actions: Eliminates Blood stasis, subdues swelling

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