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Qing Shu Yi Qi Tang

Clear Summerheat and Augment the Qi Decoction

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Source: Clarifying Doubts About Damage from Internal and External Causes (1247)
Author: Li Gao / Dong-Yuan

Category: Formulas that Dispel Summerheat

Pattern: Contraction of Summerheat due to Qi deficiency from irregular eating or exhaustion

Key Symptoms: Fever, headache, thirst, spontaneous sweating, fatigues limbs, loss of appetite, a sensation of fullness in the chest and a heavy body, loose stools, dark and scanty urine

Tongue: Greasy coating
Pulse: Deficient

Huang Qi 9-12g
Ren Shen 3-4.5g
Bai Zhu 4.5-6g
Mai Men Dong 9-12g
Wu Wei Zi 3-6g
Ge Gen 6-9g
Chen Pi 3-6g
Qing Pi 3-6g
Dang Gui 6-9g
Sheng Ma 3-6g
Ze Xie 6-9g
Huang Bai 6-9g (wine washed)
Shen Qu 6-9g (dry fried)
Zhi Gan Cao 2-3g

Ren Shen is often substituted for Xi Yang Shen in modern practice. It had not entered China in the time of Li Gao.

Preparation: Decoction. The original dosages were quite a lot smaller, around half the minimum amount given here. The ones given are the ones generally used today.

Actions: Clears Summerheat, augments the Qi, strengthens the Spleen, dried Dampness

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