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Ning Sou San

Calm Coughing Pill

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Source: Revised Popular Guide to the Discussion of Cold Damage (Qing dynasty)
Author: Yu Gen-Chu / He Bing-Yuan

Category: Formulas that Release the Exterior

Pattern: Lingering Wind-Cold in the Exterior

Key Symptoms: Nasal congestion, runny nose, headache, fever, cough with thin sputum, wheezing and fullness in the chest
Secondary Symptoms: Sneezing and aversion to drafts.

Bei Mu 6-9g
Jie Geng 6-9g
Shi Hu 6-9g
Zhi Ban Xia 6-9g
Zi Su Zi 9g
Fu Ling 9g
Bo He 6g
Xing Ren 6-9g
Sang Bai Pi 6-9g
Ju Hong 6g
Gan Cao 3g
Nan Sha Shen 6-9g
Yi Yi Ren 6-9g
Gu Ya 6-9g

The original formula suggests using Chuan Bei Mu but Zhe Bei Mu is often used instead. In the modern patent form Nan Sha Shen and Yi Yi Ren are often omitted.

Preparation: All but the last herb are ground into powder and formed into pills with a decocotion of Gu Ya. May also be prepared as a decoction with the dosages given.

Actions: Directs Lung Qi downwards, disseminates Lung Qi, eases cough, transforms Phlegm, nourishes the Lung

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