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Long Dan Xie Gan Tang

(Gentian Decoction to Drain the Liver)

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Source: Medical Formulas Collected and Analysed (1682)
Author: Wang Ang / Ren-An

Category: Formulas that Clear Heat

Pattern: Damp-Heat Excess in the Liver and Gallbladder channels, Water Bulging disorders of the Ren Mai.

Key Symptoms: Bitter taste, irritability, short tempter, dark urine
Secondary Symptoms: Headache, dizziness, red and sore eyes, swelling in the ears, hearing loss, difficult and painful urination with a sensation of heat in the urethra, foul smelling leukorrhoea, swollen and pruritic external genitalia, short menstrual cycle, reddish-purple menstrual blood, Damp-Heat skin problems along the course of the Liver and Gallbladder channels

Tongue: Red body with yellow coating
Pulse: Tight, forceful
Abdomen: Distention of lower abdomen with pain or resistance on pressure, hypertonicity of rectus abdominis muscle, tenderness laterally to the rectus abdominis muscle

Long Dan Cao 6g
Huang Qin 9g (dry fried)
Zhi Zi 9g
Mu Tong 6-9g
Che Qian Zi 9g
Ze Xie 12g
Chai Hu 6g
Sheng Di Huang 9g
Dang Gui 3-6g (wine washed)
Gan Cao 6g

In UK Mu Tong must be substituted with Qu Mai.

Preparation: Decoction.

Actions: Drains Fire Excess from the Liver and Gallbladder, clears and drains Damp-Heat from the lower Jiao

Contraindications: Spleen deficiency or long term use

Extraordinary Vessel attributions come from Li Shi-Zhen's (1577-8) Exposition on the Eight Extraordinary Vessels (Qi Jing Ba Mai Kao), trans. Chace & Shima (2009). This formula is given by Shen Jin-Ao in the commentary.

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