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Ling Jiao Gou Teng Tang

Antelope Horn and Uncaria Deocction

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Source: Revised Popular Guide to the Discussion of Cold Damage (Qing dynasty)
Author: Yu Gen-Chu / He Bing-Yuan

Category: Formulas that Expel Wind

Pattern: Excess Liver Heat stirring Internal Wind

Key Symptoms: Persistent high fever, irritability, restlessness, dizziness, vertigo, twitching and spasms of the extremities

Tongue: Deep red, dry or burnt colour with prickles
Pulse: Wiry and rapid

Ling Yang Jiao 4.5g
Gou Teng 9g
San Ye 6g
Ju Hua 9g
Bai Shao 9g
Sheng Di Huang 15g
Chuan Bei Mu 12g
Zhu Ru 15g
Fu Shen 9g
Gan Cao 2.4g

In the Ling Yang Jiao must be substituted for ethical and legal reasons. It is usually replaced with Gou Teng and Mu Dan Pi but since Gou Teng is already in the formula it may be replaced with Tian Ma and Liver Heat clearing herbs such as Long Dan Cao, Huang Qin or Zhi Zi. Hai Tong Pi could also be appropriate for spasms in the extremities.

Preparation: Decoction.

Actions: Cools the Liver, extinguishes Wind, increases the fluids, relaxes the Sinews

Contraindications: Wind due to Internal Deficiency

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