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Direct Nitrogen Downward Pill

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Source: Shanghai Journal of Chinese Medicine and Pharmacology (1987) 3:19
Author: Fang Shu-Yuan

Category: Formulas that Drain Downward

Pattern: Uremia

Key Symptoms: Extreme tiredness or fatigue, cramping in the legs, little or no appetite, headache, nausea, vomiting, trouble concentrating.

Da Huang 20g
Zhi Fu Zi 15g
Huang Qin 50g
Mu Li 50g

In the UK Fu Zi must be substituted with Rou Gui and Xian Mao. Mu Li must be substituted with Xuan Shen, Bai Shao and Wu Wei Zi.

Preparation: Decoction. Apply 150ml as an enema two to three times per day.

Actions: Drains downward, pushes out toxins, expels turbidity

One of many similar formulas composed during the 1980s to treat uremia. No TCM pattern is given.

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