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Source: Essays on Medicine Esteeming the Chinese and Respecting the Western (1918-1934)
Author: Zang Xi Chun / Shou Fu

Category: Formulas that Expel Wind

Pattern: Ascendant Liver Yang

Key Symptoms: Vertigo, tinnitus, distended sensation in the ears, palpitations, forgetfulness, irritability, restlessness, insomnia with dream disturbed sleep

Pulse: Wiry, firm and long

Shan Yao 30g
Niu Xi 30g
Dai Zhe Shi 24g
Long Gu 18g
Mu Li 18g
Sheng Di Huang 18g
Bai Shao 12g
Bai Zi Ren 12g

In the UK several of the principle ingredients need to be substituted:
Dai Zhe Shi == Xia Ku Cao + Zhu Ru
Long Gu == Bai Shao + Wu Wei Zi
Mu Li == Tian Ma + Xuan Shen
Although these all descend Yang, clear Heat, subdue Wind and calm the mind, none have the heavy properties of minerals and shells like the original formula intended. If calcium deficiency is suspected to be the rationale for using Long Gu + Mu Li then supplementation may be a suggestion.

Preparation: Decoction. The source text advises to decoct with rusty water, which is not usually done today.

Actions: Sedates and extinguishes Liver Wind, enriches the Yin, calms the Shen

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