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Jia Wei Er Miao Wan

Modified Two Marvel Pill

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Source: Medical Mirror of the Past and Present (Ming dynasty)

Category: Formulas that Expel Dampness

Pattern: Damp-Heat lodged in the channels of the legs and feet

Key Symptoms: A sensation of heaviness and discomfort in the extremities with atrophy and loss of strength accompanied by slight oedema and numbness
Secondary Symptoms: There is often a sensation of heat that begins at the foot and slowly progresses up the leg to the waist.

Tongue: Yellow coating
Pulse: Soft and rapid

Cang Zhu 120g
Huang Bai 60g
Chuan Niu Xi 30g
Dang Gui Wei 30g
Han Fang Ji 30g
Bi Xie 30g
Zhi Gui Ban 30g

In the UK the following substitutions must be made:
Fang Ji == Hai Tong Pi + Yi Yi Ren
Gui Ban == Mo Han Lian + Nu Zhen Zi

Preparation: Ground into powder and cooked in wine, then formed into tiny pills to be taken on an empty stomach.

Actions: Clears Heat and resolves Dampness

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