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Huo Luo You

Wood Lock Medicated Balm

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Source: Product information sheet
Author: Wong To Yick

Category: Formulas that are Applied Externally

Pattern: Qi and Blood stagnation in the Channels and Collaterals

Key Symptoms: Minor aches, pain of the muscles, joints and sprains

Dong Qing You 14.55g (Methyl Salicylate)
Zhang Nao 4.365g (Camphor)
Bo He 16.49g (Menthol)
Xu Duan 0.102g (Radix Dipsaci)
Du Huo 0.102g (Radix Angelicae Pubescentis)
Yu Jin 0.0615g (Radix Curcumae)
Niu Da Li 0.102g (Radix Millettiae Specioase - May refer to Ji Xue Teng or Luo Shi Teng)
Du Zhong 0.0819g (Cortex Eucommiae)
Mao Dong Qing 0.0615g (Radix Ilicis Pubescentis)
Fang Feng 0.102g (Radix Saposhnikoviae)
Wei Ling Xian 0.0615g (Radix Clematidis)
Hong Hua 0.0615g (Flos Carthami)
Mo Yao 0.0615g (Myrrha)
Liang Mian Zhen 0.102g (Radix Zanthoxyli)

The ingredients given are per 50ml bottle and finish with "etc." suggesting others go into the making. They are given here as reference for people using the product and to give inspiration for herbalists making a customised product with a similar goal. Several ingredients may be hard to find and require substitution.

Preparation: Extracted as oils and mixed into commercial product. Applied by putting 2-3 drops of oil onto the affected area and massaging gently in a circular motion with the thumb for 15-20 minutes. Repeated 3-5 times daily.

Actions: Actives Qi and Blood, alleviates pain

Contraindications: Should not be applied to irritated, damaged or wounded skin, mucous membranes. Should not be used during pregnancy or given to children under 3 years of age or those suffering from cold, chickenpox or fever.

The name literally translates as "Activating Oil" but "Wood Lock Oil" is derived from its name in the Cantonese pronunciation: "Wut Lok Jau".

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