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Huang Lian Shang Qing Wan

Coptis Pill to Cleat the Upper [Jiao]

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Source: Nationwide Collection of TCM Patent Formulas (1962)

Category: Formulas that Clear Heat

Pattern: Obstruction of the Upper Jiao by Fire Toxin

Key Symptoms: Acute red eyes, sore throat, mouth or tongue sores, dark and rough urination, restlessness and heat in the heart and diaphragm
Secondary Symptoms: Also frequently applied for toxic swellings in the upper body, sties, conjunctivitis and acute ear infections.

Huang Lian 240g
Huang Qin 240g
Huang Bai 240g
Zhi Zi 240g
Da Huang 360g
Lian Qiao 180g
Jiang Huang 180g
Xuan Shen 120g
Bo He 120g
Dang Gui Wei 120g
Ge Gen 60g
Chuan Xiong 60g
Jie Geng 60g
Tian Hua Fen 60g

Preparation: Ground into powder and formed into pills with honey. Taken in 9g doses with green tea.

Actions: Clears Heat and resolves toxicity, drains Fire and unblocks the bowels

Contraindications: Long term use.

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