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Hu Po Duo Mei Wan

Succinum Pill for Promoting Sleep

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Source: Systematic Great Compendium of Medicine Past and Present (1556)
Author: Xu Chun-Fu

Category: Formulas that Calm the Spirit

Pattern: Liver Yang harassing the Heart

Key Symptoms: Forgetfulness, disorientation, insomnia, fright palpitations or panicky throbbing.

Hu Po
Ling Yang Jiao
Ren Shen
Fu Shen
Yuan Zhi
Gan Cao

Ling Yang Jiao is often substituted with Shan Yang Jiao. Both must be replaced in the UK with Gou Teng and Mu Dan Pi.

Preparation: Equal amounts are ground into powder and made into pills with honey (and originally with pigs blood and covered in gold leaf, both usually omitted nowadays). Taken with a decoction of Deng Xin Cao.

Actions: Calms the Heart, quiets the Spirit, clears Heat, extinguishes Fire.

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