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Hou Po San Wu Tang

Magnolia Bark Three Substance Decoction

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Source: Essentials from the Golden Cabinet (c. 220)
Author: Zhang Ji / Zhong-Jing

Category: Formulas that Drain Downward

Pattern: Qi stagnation causing constipation

Key Symptoms: Constipation, unrelenting pain and fullness in the epigastrium and abdomen

Abdomen: Painful and full in the epigastrium and abdomen

Hou Po 24g
Zhi Shi 12-15g
Da Huang 12g

Preparation: Decoction.

Actions: Drains Qi downward, unblocks the bowels

This is essentially Xiao Cheng Qi Tang but with the dosage of Hou Po quadrupled and Zhi Shi increased slightly.

It is suggested that here constipation is due to obstruction of Qi, whereas in Xiao Cheng Qi Tang the obstruction of Qi is secondary to Heat clumping in the intestines.

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