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Fu Tu Dan

Poria and Cuscuta Special Pill

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Source: Formulary of the Pharmacy Service for Benefiting the People of the Taiping Era (1107)
Author: Imperial Medical Bureau

Category: Formulas that Stabilise and Bind

Pattern: Leakage due to Spleen and Kidney Qi deficiency

Key Symptoms: Milky, turbid spermatorrhoea accompanied by listlessness, a shiny white complexion and reduced appetite

Tongue: Pale with a white coating
Pulse: Submerged and frail

Tu Si Zi 150g
Wu Wei Zi 210g
Shan Yao 60g
Lian Zi 60g
Fu Ling 90g

Preparation: Soak Tu Su Zi in wine and then decoct with the other ingredients to make a paste which is then formed into pills. Take 9g twice per day.

Actions: Stabilizes the Kidney Qi, stops leakage, strengthens the Spleen

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