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Ding Xian Wan

Arrest Seizures Pill

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Source: Awakening of the Mind in Medical Studies (1732)
Author: Cheng Guo-Peng

Category: Formulas that Dispel Phlegm

Pattern: Combined Wind and Phlegm

Key Symptoms: Seizures with sudden loss or clouding of consciousness, falling down, deviation of the mouth, spitting upward of mucus with a loud, raspy sound, tonic-clonic convulsions, sudden shrieking, incontinence of stool or urine
Secondary Symptoms: Vertigo, weakness, stifling sensation in the chest prior to seizures

Tongue: White and greasy coat
Pulse: Wiry and slippery

Tian Ma 30g
Chuan Bei Mu 30g
Zhi Ban Xia 30g
Fu Ling 30g
Fu Shen 30g
Dan Nan Xing 15g
Shi Chang Pu 15g
Quan Xie 15g
Bai Jiang Can 15g
Hu Po 15g
Deng Xin Cao 15g
Chen Pi 21g
Yuan Zhi 21g
Dan Shen 60g
Mai Men Dong 60g
Zhu Sha 9g

Due to the toxicity and legal status of several ingredients they must be substituted in the UK. Some suggestions include:
Dan Nan Xing == Tian Zhu Huang or Zhu Ru + Tian Nan Xing
Quan Xie == Gou Teng + Tian Zhu Huang
Bai Jian Can == Tian Ma + Tian Zhu Huang
Zhu Sha == Hu Po
The simplest solution is to include larger proportions of Tian Ma and Hu Po and add Gou Teng and a large amount of Tian Zhu Huang or Tian Nan Xing and Zhu Ru.

Preparation: The original text calls for the formula to be ground into a powder and formed into pills by mixing with a decoction of Gan Cao, 100ml of Zhu Li and 50ml of Sheng Jiang juice.

Actions: Scours out Phlegm, opens the sensory orifices, clears Heat, extinguishes Wind

Contraindications: Long term use without modification or alternating with tonifying formulas

For deficient patients add Ren Shen.

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