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Die Da Wan

Trauma Pill

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Source: Nationwide Collection of TCM Patent Formulas (1962)

Category: Formulas that Regulate Blood

Pattern: Qi and Blood stagnation due to trauma

Key Symptoms: Traumatic injuries such as sprain with bruising, swelling and distended aches and pains at a fixed location

Dang Gui 30g
Chuan Xiong 30g
Ru Xiang 30g
Mo Yao 30g
Xue Jie 30g
Tu Bie Chong 30g
Ma Huang 60g
Zi Ran Tong 30g

In the UK the following substitutions are necessary:

Zi Ran Tong == Xu Duan
Tu Bie Chong == E Zhu + Ru Xiang

I would replace them with 30g of Xu Duan and E Zhu and increase the Ru Xiang by 6g to make up for the reduction in Ma Huang.

Preparation: Ground into powder and made into 3g pills with honey. One or two are taken twice daily. Due to UK regulations on Ma Huang which restrict Ma Huang to a maximum of 1.8g per day, and 600mg in a single dose, one pill contains slightly more than the maximum single dose allowed (667mg). To stay within the law you would need to reduce the dose to 54g and advise one pill three times per day, or reduce to 27g if advising to take two pills.

Actions: Invigorates the Blood, transforms Blood stasis, alleviates pain

Contraindications: Pregnancy

Ploberger (2017), in Westliche und traditionell chinesische Heilkräuter, offers the following alternative using western herbs:

Flos Arnicae(Arnica flowers)9g(Emperor)
Herba Hyperici(St. John's Wort)10g(Emperor)
Flos Calendulae(Marigold)8g(Emperor)
Folium Rosmarini(Rosemary)3g(Minister)
Semen Hippocastani(Horse Chestnut seed)5g(Minister)
Radix Paeonia rubra(Red Peony)7g(Minister)
Radix et Rhizoma Rhei(Rhubarb root)3g(Minister)

In his description of the original formula he includes Shu Di Huang, Bai Shao and Hong Hua which may influence the the composition of his substitutes.

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