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Die Da Jiu

Trauma Liniment

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Source: A Tooth from the Tiger's Mouth (2004)
Author: Tom Bisio

Category: Formulas that are Applied Externally

Pattern: Qi and Blood stagnation due to injury

Key Symptoms: Localised pain, bruising and inflammation due to injury, contusions, sprains or strain.

Da Huang 12g
Zhi Zi 12g
Hong Hua 12g
Huang Bai 12g
Mo Yao 12g
Ru Xiang 12g
Xue Jie 12g
Lu Lu Tong 12g
Dang Gui Wei 12g

Every school of martial arts has a unique recipe for Die Da Jiu. This is just one example of a common preparation so additions or substitutions are common.

Preparation: Soak the herbs in 1 gallon of rice wine or vodka (80-100 proof) stored in a sealed glass container and kept in a cool dark place for a minimum of 6 weeks shaken regularly.

Actions: Moves Qi, invigorates Blood stasis, reduces swelling and stops pain

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